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New Bull on the Ranch!

Originally posted April 9, 2012.
We bought a new bull to breed to our cows this summer season. It was quite an event for those of you who have never seen or done anything like that before. We received a catalog with 634 bulls listed on the pages. Around 420 of the bulls were pictured and personal statistics were listed. The other 200 or so were just statistics and a name. Each bull was listed for those important statistics each buyer was looking for such as bulls birth date, birth weight, his weaning weight and several other statistics which we were not looking at for that moment. Listed also was the calving ease (small, medium, large) rating for the size of calf he will throw and the amount of milk that he will produce in his heifers. This was our second experience at buying a bull. The first bull sold for $45,000. and the others ranged above $3000. to $13,000. They were all registered Angus bulls sold at Pays Auction Yards in Billings, Montana. Great day.

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