Cattle Drive Vacations-  Dining


Dryhead Ranch employs a full-time cook during our cattle drive and ranch week season.  The recently remodeled cookhouse dining room is our main gathering place where everyone comes to share the days events and get to know one another while we share home cooked meals.

Our home style meals that are served buffet style are based around the angus beef cattle that we make are living from.  Our hamburger is ranch grown and can carry the organic label from the way we maintain our cow herd. Some of our vegetables and fruit are grown in the ranch garden and frozen raspberry jam is made here in the kitchen and served with most meals.  Our breads and desserts are homemade daily and served hot from the oven for each meal.

Our cook is amazing at preparing foods that accommodate special diets such as vegetarian, gluten free and diabetic.  If you could mention those special needs on your reservation sheet, then it is easier to be more prepared for your cattle drive holiday at our ranch.

We start each morning at 7:00 with a hot, hearty breakfast where everyone can start the day and anticipate the events that are planned for the day.  Cowboys and guests and family alike come together to start the day in the cookhouse for this cattle drive holiday. Cowboys have wrangled in the horses and the cook has coffee ready as early as 5:30 and the internet connection in the cookhouse gathers everyone early to catch up on family news at home and sharing photos with your friends at home about your working ranch vacation.  Lunch is often packed to take with you on all day rides and brought to you during the cattle drives and horse drives. Cookies are always available to satisfy the kid in all of us and hold us over until supper is ready.

After a big day of 6-7 hours of riding and moving cows everyone is very interested in what is for supper and when.  We eat almost always by 6:30 and the conversation is always about the days events and excitement and thrilling accomplishments.  Our great cook has been working hard also, to prepare a ranch cooked meal that will satisfy and whow everyone. But it is the friendships that develop and the sharing of work and play that make the unique weeks experience at Dryhead Ranch so memorable.  The cookhouse porch is always welcoming before and after supper and a campfire is often the evening gathering place.

Special Diets
Our cook does a great job accommodating special diets. Just let us know before your arrival for a Montana cattle drive and we will make the necessary arrangements to make your dining experience, as well as your stay, as comfortable and relaxing as possible. Please let us know if you have any dietary constraints.

2019 Store
Dryhead Ranch has a small ranch General Store.  We are 50 miles from the nearest small town and so the need for easily forgotten necessities has created the small space for some store things.

Our cowboys and family are the best advertisement we have at the ranch. We offer those most needed items: silk scarves, pommel bags, water bottles and chap stick.  Or that forgotten toothbrush or lotion for our dry climate or that small gift item to take home to the person who watches your horse. Cowboy straw hats and stampede strings are sold to protect from the sun and occasional rain, leather working gloves, sweatshirts, wool vests, and t-shirts are great for layering to keep warm on cool mornings and windy days. Leather chinks are sold as well as rented for those wanting to invest in cowboy traditional leg wear protection.  We also rent riding slickers and spurs for the full cowboy riding experience. Kristen has listed on facebook some western jackets we found at a good price and has picked out some great Dryhead Ranch caps she liked. Check them out.

Our list of things to bring are not all found in our ranch store but the items that are forgotten the most we try to have on hand.  So, come and check us out. We aren’t like Yellowstone or tourist towns in our area that double or triple the price. We are just filling a long way from town need.

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