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Cattle Drive Vacations – Dining


The cookhouse blends the history of the old and the convenience of the now. The cookhouse was the Phelps children’s school house in 1898 and was added to when cowboys who worked on the ranch needed a place to live. When the Bassett family bought the ranch we needed a cookhouse and gathering place for our guests so we did a half/complete remodel. We kept the original log which gave us character and history then added a new roof, water and electricity and we had a gathering place where we could enjoy the breeze on the porch while we waited for supper and share the dreams come true for bucket list cowboys. The cookhouse provided the only bathrooms on the ranch for almost 15 years but it was heaven compared to an outhouse.

Of course, dining is all about food. Dryhead Ranch serves 3 meals a day of good ole country meals. Our meals are served buffet style and since we raise beef for a living we pride ourselves on good organic beef. Some foods are just plain popular (Hamburgers), some foods served are unique to our area (Indian Tacos). Some foods are just part of ranch life (homemade bread and chocolate chip cookies), some people have food allergies and we try to make sure they eat well also. Gluten free, diabetic choices, and more commonly lately vegetarian choices. Let us know on your application your food allergies and diet needs so we can be prepared.

The cookhouse is a warm gathering place in front of the wood stove when it is cold or wet outside. Here is where the Wi-Fi works the best, where there is room at the table to set your computer up and look at your amazing pictures. Coffee, tea, lemonade and water are always available with cookies in the cookie jar and the next meal not far away. All the days excitement gets shared here around the table and sharing pictures and stories is aways expected.

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    One of my favorite images from MT last summer at the Dryhead Ranch was chosen as the Opening Shot in this month’s February 2020 issue of Western Horseman magazine!  Watching James ride Yeller and rope his calf was truly one of the highlights of my trip.  The determination and seriousness on his face is priceless! Lol  Good thing two grown cowboys were nearby to help out. -Pam Gabriel Photography

    The future belongs to the few that are still willing to get their hands dirty.  Thanks to all the farmers and ranchers for keeping us well fed. -PhyllisBurchettPhoto

    So excited to open the May edition of Western Horseman magazine April 2020.  It be honest, during all of the craziness that is currently happening, it’s been very hard for me to stay positive about my small business.  The opening shot couldn’t have come at a better time for me!  Stay healthy and happy, my friends!  I hope to photograph you all in the coming months. -Hilary Bishop

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