Cattle Drive Vacations Top 10

What are the top 10 reasons to take your family on an authentic cattle drive vacation at Dryhead Ranch?

10. Cattle Drive Vacations are Better than Dude Ranch Vacations

What is the difference between an authentic cattle drive vacation and a dude ranch vacation? Well, the main difference is authenticity. At Dryhead Ranch, you get to participate in every aspect of the cattle drive experience. Our helpful cowboys and ranch hands will guide you through an authentic cattle drive at a pace you can handle… but be prepared! A cattle drive vacation is real work!

9. Cattle Drive Vacations Ranch Weeks

What is a ranch week? When we are not actively driving cattle, there are many things to see and do. Dryhead Ranch is enormous in a way you might not be able to grasp if you aren’t from around here. And, as one might expect, taking care of cattle on such an enormous swathe of the American West takes as many hands as we can muster. Join us!

8. There Are Exciting Things To Do In Lovell, Wyoming

Dryhead Ranch cattle drive vacations wouldn’t be complete without a trip to many of the attractions surrounding our home base in Lovell, Wyoming. Check out the world-famous Wild Mustang center, or relax a little at Lovell RV Park… there is no telling what you’ll find in Lovell!

7. If You Aren’t From Around Here, This is a Great Way to See the USA

Cattle drive vacations might not be familiar to our European friends, but we can think of no better way to have a genuine Western experience during your United States vacation than participating in an authentic cattle drive alongside authentic cowboys.

6. Our Young Marine Adventures Are Great Fun!

Have a young person in your life who is involved in the Young Marines? Want to learn more? Attending a Young Marine cattle drive outing might be the introduction you needed to these intrepid and committed youths. The positive influence they bring to the places they go is truly admirable.

5. Real Conversations with Real Working Ranch Professionals

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to hang out with a real cowboy? If so, then you will love spending time with our real working ranch professionals.

4. Stand Knee-Deep in Cattle Drive History

Cattle drive vacations are a great way to explore the living history of the Old West right in front of your face.

3. You Will Learn All About Real Cattle Drives

On real authentic cattle drive vacations, chances are, you will learn some very important things. Upon returning from your trip, you can dazzle your friends with newfound equine anatomical knowledge and fantastical cowboy slang.

2. Cattle Drive Vacations are Incredibly Affordable!

The prices for our all-inclusive cattle drive vacations are much better than you will find in most nice hotels or cruise ships.

1. Cattle Drive Vacations Are Fun for the Whole Family!

When you are looking for family vacation options, a cattle drive vacation is a natural fit. It brings together beauty, adventure, excitement, and hard work all together in one unforgettable package. Book your family cattle drive vacation with us today, and see what cattle drive vacations are all about.


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I just came home from a week at the Dryhead Ranch and wanted to thank Iris, Jennifer, Jackie, and Jake for the greatest vacation I have ever had! I have always wanted to see Montana and this experience was more than I ever hoped for. The bunkhouse, food, horses, scenery and hospitality shown by this wonderful family is something I will always fondly remember. I came home with answers and this really did change my life in a…read more

Third time and keeps getting better! A big thanks to Jake, Sky, Jennifer, Jackie, Cannon, Suzie, and everyone else at the Dryhead for making my third trip to the ranch so much fun. We really got to experience a little bit of everything last week! The other guests and I really got along and seemed like had I had known them for years instead of just a few days. The warm family atmosphere at the…read more

For many of you, the Dryhead Ranch experience is a once in a life time event. For me, it was a twice in a lifetime event, 1995 and 1997. Last night, I was excited to hear from my wife that she would LOVE to experience the Dryhead-Shivley world!!! So for me, it will be a three time experience and to be able to share it wife my wife Cindy, just makes it even more special.…read more