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Cattle Drive Vacations in Montana

Hello, and welcome to the Dryhead Ranch’s new website.  We are a working cattle and guest ranch located in Montana.  If you are looking for the genuine artifact, then you-my friend, have found it. 

Our cattle drives trail 50 miles down the old Sioux Trail and assure a real old west experience of moving cattle down a dusty, full of adventure western trail.

Horse drives are the next exciting challenge  for a good rider as we move horses from winter pastures in Wyoming to summer pastures in Montana.

But ranch weeks are the heart and soul of a ranch when all the animals settle on grass for the summer. Roping and branding come first, then rotating cows on pastures, doctoring sick animals, working with young horses and keeping the fencing and strays cattle where they belong gives our cowboys great riding adventures everyday. 

This is a vacation you will do over and over.

Don’t miss the thrill of a cattle drive or a horse drive.  Our week long guest ranch vacation includes: home cooked meals, family atmosphere where kids are welcome, bunkhouse rooms or a private cabin with bathroom, trained cow horses that will make you part of the team, riding instructions, bring a great camera as the scenery if breath taking. Daily riding 5-6 hours a day.

Dryhead Ranch lays in the middle of the Dryhead canyon at the foot of the Pryor Mountains in southeast Montana.  The Bassett family has owned and operated the ranch since 1989 striving to continue the ranching legacy for the past four generations.  Iris Bassett and Jennifer operate the working ranch part of the business with the help of Jennifer’s daughter Jessica, and her husband Jake Hahn, and their four children: Maddy, Cassidy, Howdy, and James.  Kristen, a second daughter, is the voice who answers the phone in our office and helps you with your reservations and picking which week would work for you the best.            

Dryhead Ranch has been raising foundation bred American Quarter Horses for over 40 years.  Joe Bassett loved a good cow horse and his dream was to produce colts that loved working cattle.  That same love and passion of horses still lives today in his grand daughter and son in law, Jessica and Jake Hahn. Our mares run in open grassland meadows and raise their colts here on the ranch.  Our most popular weeks are the weeks we bring in the mares and colts and either add the stallion for the summer or wean the colts in the fall when it is time to go back to Wyoming.  Come watch them break and train these beautiful horses or just come ride one and feel the spirit of this beautiful Dryhead land and its amazing horses.

What makes our working ranch the best in the working ranch business is the fact that we are real and authentic.  We do all of our cow work on horseback and different tasks are mixed into each week.  Our days are full of honest work that is not made up or set up for guests to watch.  Branding weeks are necessary to prove ownership of our calves born that year.  Moving cattle to spring pastures and rotating pastures during the summer months keep our calves growing and our grass well managed.  Bringing colts to the ranch headquarters for riding and training.  Weaning colts in the fall and making registration papers. Fall gathering of all the cows and calves to wean the calves and pregnancy test the cows.  Each month of the spring, summer and fall have important work to be done.  We are a family owned ranch and the family works together to take care of our guests and cattle.

Enjoy the panoramic views as you ride.

Have questions? We’d love to answer them. Call 307-548-6688 Today!

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