Cattle Drives Vacations

Cattle Drives

Cattle Drive – Noun – Driving a bovine herd (as cows or bulls or steers).

Cattle drives have been our most popular activity that we share with our guests at Dryhead Ranch. When you book a cattle drive holiday, you will ride with real cowboys and experience an authentic working ranch vacation. We trail cows through Bad Pass Trail, through the Pryor Mountain Mustang Reserve down into Deadman and north up the trail 50 miles to the Dryhead Ranch.

Each spring we trail from winter pastures in Lovell, Wyoming into the rich grasslands of the Dryhead. These cows and calves will spend the summer months on native grass which the Dryhead Ranch is known for. The Dryhead Country is rich in Native American history which you will have time to explore once we have made the drive with the cows to the ranch.

Your cattle drive vacation begins on Sunday with your arrival at Billings Logan International Airport. We pick up at 4:00 PM at the airport, the Dude Ranchers Lodge, and Best Western Clocktower Inn and drive back to the ranch that evening. This is a three hour drive that will give you time to get acquainted with the beautiful Montana country, your ranch driver and the other guests. Our cook will have supper waiting and the rooms will be ready upon our arrival.

Spring Cattle Drive Vacations

cattle-drive-springEvery spring, we trail the cattle herd from our headquarters in Lovell, WY to the Dryhead Ranch in Montana. You will trail cattle 50 miles on the four-day trek covering canyon land, high-mountain desert, and the red-dirt prairies of Southern Montana. Cattle drive weeks offer a unique opportunity to experience the cowboy lifestyle in its most traditional form.

You’ll wake early, and may even watch the sunrise from the saddle. With hundreds of head of cattle stretched for miles before you, you will get the opportunity to become acquainted with men and women who have shaped their lives around this profession. At the end of the day you will fall asleep to the soft sounds of the big sky country.

Cattle drives in Montana also provide a crash course in effective cattle handling. We strive to be efficient, while reducing stress to the animals wherever possible. Cattle work is teamwork. Each member of the crew, guest or cowboy, has a specific role to play to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

You will learn how to trail cattle long distances, how to get the herd across water and up hills, how to hold the herd in one place so the calves and their mothers can find each other after a long day of walking, and how to do it all with efficiency and style. Our cowboys are experts–watch them, and learn the traditions and skills of our lifestyle.

Fall Cattle Drive Holidays

cattle-drive-fallIn the fall of each year we trail our heifers out to Lovell to be put onto winter pasture.

Heifers are yearling females and are too inexperienced to keep their weight and condition as favorable as the older cows. We have one fall cattle drive, which lasts for three days. The heifers spend the summer at the ranch after being bred for their first calves in Wyoming.

Two days of the week we will be gathering our herd and the other three days will be spent trailing them to winter pastures in Wyoming. Weather has a huge influence as to which days we will trail or gather.

Fall is a varied season to ride in Montana. The trail home to Wyoming is full of varied temperatures and varied challenges and rugged awesome beauty. This is what real cowboy experiences are made of!

We reserve the right to change our schedule when weather makes it unsafe to ride, or should the condition of the cattle force us to alter our original plans. We have little control over such matters and appreciate your understanding should it occur.

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