Ranch Hands Are Here To Help with Your Cattle Drive Vacation

While you are enjoying your amazing cattle drive vacation our ranch hands work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that you have an authentic working ranch experience. Whether you know it or not our team of cowboys and cowgirls are awake and working long before our guests are up and stay up late to finish the job. Our work is seldom done and we go above and beyond to see that you have the time of your life as you become an important member of our team and honorary part of our family.

To start out a regular day on our ranch we first have to wrangle in the horses we plan to use for the day. Before some of our guests get up the wrangler is on his horse and riding out to the pasture where the horses are kept.  He will bring them back to the ranch corral where they will wait until after breakfast.  Jake picks horses that will complement each guests riding ability and our cowboy crew shows each guest how to brush and prepare their horse to ride.  You will saddle and bridle your own horse each day which increases the bond of rider and horse.  Jake, as well as our other cowboys and cowgirls, are great horsemen and offer suggestions as you ride and work with your horse as to tricks that will help you to understand how the horse is treated on our ranch and what skills help you to get along better . You will ride western saddles and be given a bridle that works best with each horse.  You will ride at least three different horses each week that you spend with us.  This increases your riding ability as you learn the habits of each horse and test your ability to adapt to each horses personality.  Your confidence and riding in open grassland country will improve your love for horses and those skills will be what you take home from your working ranch holiday that will bring you back again and again.

Home Cooked Meals Ready to Eat

cattle-drive-vacations-05Our amazing cook is up at the crack of dawn hours before the breakfast bell rings preparing enough delicious food for guests and cowboys alike. Their work isn’t done with breakfast though, they prepare a lunch for when we are out all day or a tail gate lunch that we bring on cattle drives vacations.  We offer food that fits with many different diets such as gluten free food, diabetic issues, vegetarian preferences and just plain picky eaters.  Driving horses and cattle is a tiring job and requires good food to keep the body going. Between meal prep, serving, and cleanup our cook has their hands full and serves as an important part of our team.

While you’re out enjoying your cattle drive holiday and partake in the authentic cowboy experience our workers continue to work both with you and behind the scenes. An important aspect of our cattle drive vacations is allowing our enjoyable guests to become one of our team. You will work alongside and with us as we seek to achieve a common goal, whether herding cattle or providing the ranch with necessary maintenance, learning to rope on the front lawn, watching Jake brake horses in the round pen, branding calves or watching the kids ride their ponies after the days work is complete.

Ranch work is never done and often behind the scenes there is a fence to fix, or a calf to doctor, or shoes to put on a horse. We gladly invite our guests to join us in all aspects of working ranch life but often much of what we do is done in a way that you don’t notice.  The lawn gets mowed, the cookies get baked, the tack shed gets cleaned and horses get trained, the weeds get pulled and rides get taken and cows moved around. The life of a working ranch hand is an on the go job that is constantly evolving. We would be honored to share our daily lives with you and include you in every aspect of working ranch life. Call Dryhead Ranch today, and plan your cattle drive vacation with us soon.

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