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Jackie, Our Ranch Cook

Originally posted February 9, 2010.
Cooks are never praised enough and this post is especially for Jackie. She is my sister and the redhead in this posting. Riggs, is the cooks helper and they were a fearsome pair. At the Dryhead Ranch we feed our guests three meals a day. Our menu accents beef since we are a beef raising family and ranch. We offer tender angus beef roasts and to die for hamburgers. This home grown beef is better than what you can buy in any store. Thursday the specialty is Indian Tacos, a favorite in our family as well as with our guests. Homemade bread dough is fried as the base of the taco and then many toppings (hamburger, chill, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, sour cream, salsa, olives, fried beans,) are added according to diet and taste. They are a Dryhead country specialty. Tri-tip sirloin steaks are grilled to perfection on the last day at the ranch, Friday. So send Jackie an email ( and tell her your favorite recipe to add to our Ranch cookbook and line up your favorite meals for 2010.

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