Dryhead Ranch and the Young Marine Program

At Dryhead Ranch we seek to provide our guests with the opportunity for hard work and team building by partaking in our cattle drives. We value the American tradition of honest labor through working ranch life and take special pride in sharing that with today’s youth. In the past we have offered a special week dedicated to the Young Marines. They had the unique opportunity to take part in ranch life and working cattle drives. These teens grew together by working as a team in order to accomplish a common goal.

The Young Marines are a youth program that seeks to rise up and teach high school age kids the value of hard work and honest living. This youth outreach is set up in a military format and even gives them the opportunity to gain rank and earn ribbons as they show progress in areas of leadership, community service and athletic accomplishment. This program promotes a drug free lifestyle and seeks to teach today’s youth the skills necessary to be responsible citizens

 At Dryhead Ranch we have a particular interest in seeing the youth of today learn the value of hard work and have offered these Young Marines and opportunity to join in our cattle drives and horse drives. The team work necessary when driving cattle is a perfect opportunity for these Young Marines to learn how to work as a team for a common goal. They are required to work together until the job is done. Driving cattle require determination and persistence, two qualities necessary for a successful life and we are honored to be able to impart this on the youth of today by sharing in the American tradition of cattle driving and working ranches.

Not only do we offer these teens the opportunity to join in our cattle drives but work with our American Quarter Horses. Halter breaking is a necessary step in training a horse to eventually wear a saddle and carry a rider. The Young Marines were given the opportunity to work with a young horse and slowly ease them into comfortably wearing a halter and walking with the youth. They had an opportunity to bond with their horse during the time they were at the ranch.  We rode each day working cattle and driving them to new pastures, wanting them to experience the reward that comes with hard work. Our family at Dryhead Ranch believes strongly in investing in the next generation.  We currently have four generations of our family working the ranch. Our children take part in the ranch operation and we happily offer the same opportunity to today’s youth.

Dryhead Ranch cattle drives are an ideal opportunity for not only youth but entire families to learn team building and the importance of hard work. The American dream rests on relentlessly seeking to accomplish a goal and working tirelessly to see it come into fruition. Our cattle drives, horse drives, and general working ranch life promote these values and we are honored to have the opportunity to pass them onto the next generation. It’s time that you join in the tradition of the American dream and working spirit and sign up for one of our priceless cattle drives. Become one of the family at Dryhead Ranch and give us a call today.

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