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Originally posted March 1, 2010.
With the sunshine lately and the snow melted here in Lovell it seems like we are about ready for spring. This picture will get everyone excited for green grass if the warmer weather hasn’t already done the trick.
Here in Lovell we are having 8-10 baby calves a day. Will, Jake and Jessie are tagging everyday to keep up with the older cows as they have their calves. Here in the feedlot better than half of the heifers have had their calves and we have hauled them down into the pasture below the main house. We will continue to have calves all the month of March and they will grow big enough to be ready for the cattle drives the end of April and the first week in May. With the sunshine we hope that the ranch will look just like this when we get the cows there in May.
We were able to drive as far as the upper gate at the Dryhead Ranch on Saturday. There is about 8-10 inches of snow laying level everywhere at the reservation gate. We walked down to check on the cats and the buildings. All is well and quiet. We fed cake to about half of the horses and they are doing well for the amount of snow they have to dig through to get to grass. They don’t have to go far for water as the snow is plentiful. I don’t think we will be seeing the ground very soon.
Iris is taking bookings daily but we would like to offer a 10% discount to any return who will book before the 11th of April when our first horse drive begins. Because of the snow we will trail our cavvy horses to Lovell on Saturday, March 6th, 2010 where we will feed them for the next six weeks. For our first horse drive we are going to do all the vet work on the cavvy horses here in Lovell and then trail them back to the Dryhead Ranch for the beginning of the guest season. This first horse drive needs a few more people, if anyone out there is interested in a great adventure with us this spring. Give us a call.

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