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Cattle Drives in Montana

Originally posted May 25, 2010

April 25-May 1, 2010 started our Cattle Drives out of Wyoming into Montana. We had an enthuastic group of all new guests to start the week out with, they were: Hans Lundgren, Gena Durette, Dennis Hedarp, Irene Barmettler, Fred Ferris and his daughter Kathryn, Bonnie Caswell and Steve DiNapoli. Getting to the Brad correls by 8:00 on a Monday morning was a challenge but we did a great job thanks to Jackie that made breakfast burritos each morning that we could eat on the drive out. The volcano made Irene’s arrival a week late but we had lots to do to make up for the riding time. We trailed 237 mother cows and calves from Lovell to the Dryhead over a four day period and had three baby calves on the way. We were all glad to see the ranch. The grass is just turning green and getting a good start. As always we pray for rain which came on Friday so that we will have a good growing season and the calves were ready for a well earned rest.

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