The History of Our Cattle Drive Vacations in Montana

Dryhead ranch is a functioning modern day working cattle and horse ranch, that many people book for a truly unique cattle drive vacation. Unlike so many working ranches in this day we primarily use horses to tend our herds and maintain our land. In doing so we are seeking to maintain the American tradition of working ranches and cattle drives. We offer the unique opportunity for others to share cattle ranch life by cattle driving alongside our modern day cowboys and cowgirls. The history of driving cattle has helped shape the United States into what it is today and we seek to carry that into future generations.

Tradition of Cattle Drives

The tradition of working cattle drives began well before the United States had officially formed. Settlers began driving cattle all over North America as early as 1540. As the population in what is now the United States began to grow so did the demand for beef. cattle-drive-blog-02Early ranchers and cowboys would drive their cattle from one location to another, often spanning hundreds of miles, for the purpose of selling their cattle for the best price. Often the demand would fluctuate and one location such as what is now Kansas or Colorado would offer a greater price per head. The demand for beef would also change as it was at the mercy of society’s preference. As supply and demand shifted so would the destination of the cattle drives. They went wherever they could receive the most amount of money for their herd.

Smaller cattle drives were necessary for ranchers as they tended their herd. As the cattle resided in one area the grass they rely on for food would diminish as they grazed the land. It was then necessary to move the herd to new pasture in order to ensure that they were properly nourished. These working cattle drives were much shorter. Instead of crossing great expanses the cows would remain located on the ranchers own land. Crossing acres gradually as they grazed the land instead of hundreds of miles they would later travel for the purpose of selling the herd.

Looking for a Real Cattle Drive Holiday?

At Dryhead Ranch we welcome guests on your cattle drive holiday in order to share in the age old American tradition of driving cattle. You will join us in moving our herd from where they winter in Lovell, Wyoming to our home on Dryhead Ranch. The journey spans 50 miles and will give you the opportunity to see the beautiful countryside while becoming an honorary Dryhead ranch hand. The hard work and team building necessary for cattle driving will serve to draw your family closer together while providing you with the thrill of a lifetime. These cattle drive vacations are ideal for the family man and adventurer alike.

It’s time to plan your cattle drive vacation. Join us at Dryhead Ranch and become a new member of our family. Work alongside us as we carry on the American tradition of working ranches and cattle drives. When you sign up for one of our cattle drives you aren’t simply watching us work but partaking in the adventures of working ranch life. You become one of our family and work alongside us as we care for our cattle and horses. Sign up for one of our cattle drives today and  join us in celebrating the American cattle ranch tradition.

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