Real Cattle Drive Vacation

At Dryhead Ranch we specialize in real cattle drive vacations. You will have an opportunity to experience authentic ranch life. When you visit us, you aren’t simply a bystander observing us as we drive cattle and work our ranch. Instead you become one of our team of cowboys, cowgirls and ranch hands. You will work with us and experience the satisfaction of honest hard work. Every day you spend with us we will work side by side to care for our cattle and American Quarter Horses.

Cattle Drive Vacation Experiences Unique to Dryhead Ranch

During cattle drive vacations at Dryhead Ranch, our guests get the chance to get their hands dirty, cowboy style! Work alongside real professionals doing what they do best surrounded by some of the most beautiful landscape on God’s green earth. Book your cattle drive vacation today.

Another aspect that sets us apart from other ranches and adds to the real cattle drive vacation experience is that we allow you to ride off the trail and not nose to tail. Jake, our head cowboy, will send you out in small groups to scout the area ahead. This might entail turning away neighbor’s cattle in order to ensure that our cattle don’t comingle with theirs. The last thing we want is to accidentally take our neighbors cows. Jake will also rely on you to help round up stray cattle and bring them back to the herd. Often our calves will lie in the brush and fall behind, our guests play an important role in helping us to keep track of calves and keep them with the herd. You will be an important member of our team and not a bystander simply observing us as we work. We value your stay with us and want you to have the opportunity to engage in all we do.

The time you spend with us will be full of adventures just waiting to be undertaken. While it may seem like hard work it’s an experience that you will treasure for a lifetime. We give you the chance to experience authentic ranch life as you enjoy your real cattle drive vacation. The bond between horse and rider is a truly awe inspiring encounter. At the beginning of your stay with us Jake will pick two horses just for you. Throughout your time here you will have the chance to know two horses. Each time we ride out it will be on one of the other. Over the course of your stay you will brush, water and ride your horse giving you the opportunity to bond, horse to rider. It simply cannot be explained in words the unique connection that occurs. As you work with your horse each day and complete tasks together you will grow to understand your its personality and treasure its uniqueness. This is another key factor in experiencing a real cattle drive vacation and we want each of our guests to enjoy it.

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Big Sky Country awaits! Learn about the cattle industry from experts in the field through hands-on real world experience. Experience the hospitality the warm and gracious staff at Dryhead Ranch has to off and take home memories that will last a lifetime.

At Dryhead Ranch you arrive as guest and leave a member of our family. We value each and every person that comes through our door and enjoy showing them authentic ranch life. Our family takes great pleasure in sharing our lifestyle with those who visit us and are dedicated to making your cattle drive vacation one you will remember with great fondness. If you’re looking for a truly unique and rewarding experience it’s time to call Dryhead Ranch today and schedule your real cattle drive vacation. 

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