Cattle Drive Vacations – Lovell Attractions

When you schedule your working cattle drive vacation with Dryhead Ranch, don’t forget to check out these popular Lovell, Wyoming attractions!

Lovell Camper Park

For our guests who might be travelling in an RV, Lovell offers a full-service camper park featuring water and power, showers, black and brown water disposal, and water fills.

Come to Lovell, Wyoming and feast your eyes on wild horses, amazing landscapes, and breathtaking skies. Here at Dryhead Ranch, we encourage all our guests to explore the greater Lovell area. There is so much to see and do, you better get used to getting up early!

Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area

East of Lovell, you will find the beautiful and Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area. Following the course of the historic Bad Pass Trail, Highway 37 wanders through a landscape that has dazzled and entranced visitors for centuries. Hiking, skiing, powerboating, breathtaking views and more await any traveler who chooses to explore the Recreation Area’s more than 120,000 acres.

Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range

Founded to preserve one of America’s oldest wild horse lineages, the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range is perhaps Lovell’s most well-known attraction.

Foster Gulch Golf Course

Though golf might not be the first thing a person thinks about when they hear “Wyoming,” Foster Gulch Golf Course offers 9 interesting and challenging holes if you must brush up on your game during your cattle drive vacation.

Medicine Wheel

One of the largest medicine wheels of its type, the Medicine Wheel located near Lovell holds spiritual significance to native peoples and spiritual seekers of all types.

Bighorn National Forest

Spend some time in the Big Horn National Forest during your stay with us if you want to see pristine waterfalls, deeply-textured canyon walls, or abundant wildlife. The Medicine Wheel is found within the Big Horn National Forest at the top of a meandering mountain path.

Bighorn Canyon/Devil’s Canyon Overlook

See canyon walls stretching thousands of feet over the tranquil waters of the Bighorn River at the Devil’s Canyon overlook. You can choose to observe the canyon from the overlook, or hike down to the Bighorn River itself. Either way, the scenery is truly a sight to behold.

Yellowtail Wildlife Habitat

Covering 16,000 acres just 6 miles east of Lovell, the Yellowtail Wildlife Habitat offers exceptional hunting and birding for adventurers of all ages. Walk the banks of the Shoshone and Bighorn rivers while taking in some the world’s most amazing untouched wilderness.

Lovell Rose Gardens

Lovell is a rose city. Throughout the community in public spaces and private gardens, roses are an unforgettable part of the Lovell landscape.

Veterans Park

Built in 2002, the Lovell Veteran’s Park is one of the town’s newest attractions. Come pay your respects to the soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines who have fought for our country.

Mural Park

Painted on a wall along Main Street, the Mural Park captures some of the grandeur and majesty of the Bighorn National Forest in a series of murals.

Hyart Theatre

The historic Hyart theatre, built in the 1950s, hosts Wyoming’s biggest digital screen.

Cattle Drive Vacations in Lovell, Wyoming

For an authentic old west vacation, look no further than Dryhead Ranch. Located in the pristine and monumental Big Horn Valley, Lovell, Wyoming serves as a launching point for a truly epic cattle drive adventure.

You never know what you will find in Wyoming. It is a huge state with much more history and scenery than just one trip could ever uncover… but that doesn’t mean you can’t try. Call Dryhead Ranch to schedule your cattle and guest ranch vacation today.

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