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Best Family Vacation Ideas: Cattle Drive Vacation

When you are thinking about the best family vacation ideas, it’s time to consider a cattle drive vacation. Of course, we realize that cattle drive vacations are not for every family. But you might be surprised how much a cattle drive vacation can bring your family together. Spending time at our working ranch will create memories that last a lifetime, and hitting the trail with our experienced cowboys will test your family’s grit and prove their mettle. For families who want a typical vacation, there are always dude ranches. For families who want a real cattle drive adventure, there is Dryhead Ranch.

What Makes a Family Cattle Drive Vacation Different?

At Dryhead Ranch, we are a real working cattle ranch. We do not run a theme park; we raise cattle. Something else we do is hospitality, but that doesn’t mean we will pamper you. Most of the fun of a family vacation at Dryhead Ranch is had while working in the real rough-and-tumble world of a real working cattle ranch. Now, there are certainly perks to the lifestyle: the food is pretty good, cows are neat, and the working conditions are awe-inspiring, just name a few… but it is still a working ranch, and that means work.

Will a Cattle Drive Vacation Be Too Hard for My Family?

In a word, “no.” Now, of course, you should consider your overall willingness to embark on a real cattle drive before you set out, but once you do the pace is about that of a walking human, and there are often breaks to round up stray cattle or have a bite to eat.

Will Children Like It?

In our experience, children enjoy our cattle drive family vacations even more than adults. There must be something about kids that allows them to adapt quickly to new situations, because they often pick up the basics of driving cattle even faster than their parents. You will delight in watching your children tackle adult tasks with gusto, and who knows? Maybe the grit and determination they learned out on the trail will come back with them to everyday life?

Best Family Vacation Ideas: Cattle Drive Vacations

It is not too often that you get the chance to immerse your family in an authentic lifeway that has existed in one form or another for five centuries in North America. It is not too often that you get to work alongside experienced professional cowboys doing what they do best. It is not too often that you and your family get to be up close and personal with one of the most spectacular wilderness areas in all of North American. When you are thinking about the best family vacation ideas, you should think of a cattle drive vacation. And when you think cattle drive vacations, there is only one Lovell, Wyoming cattle drive vacation destination, and that’s Dryhead Ranch. Call us today for a rates, booking, and more! We are glad to help.


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