Young Marine Adventures

At Dryhead Ranch we offer the opportunity for adventure and exploration on our cattle ranch vacations in Montana. From cattle drives to horse drives, not to mention ranch weeks, we are full of exciting experiences just waiting to be had. Working on a ranch with cattle and American Quarter Horses is full of unique encounters that we take pride in sharing with all who visit us. We recently had the opportunity to spend a ranch week with our Young Marines from the local area.

Young Marines

The Young Marines are very similar to Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts but for both genders. They teach boys and girls eight through the completion of high school the values of hard work, honesty and integrity. They promote a healthy drug free lifestyle along with community service and supporting veterans of all ages. At Dryhead Ranch we are especially passionate about the Young Marines and doing our part in rising up a generation of responsible young adults. These fine young people come out once a year to experience the best ranch vacation Montana has to offer. We give them the opportunity to work with our cattle and American Quarter Horses, all the while performing valuable tasks on our Ranch

Young Marine Ranch Vacations in Montana

Our unit of Young Marines was between 15 and 18. The spent several days learning to ride and care for the horse assigned to them. They worked together to complete tasks around the ranch while using their horses as a primary means of transportation. This allowed each teenager to learn the value of teamwork as they labored with their peers and bonded with their horse. The bond between horse and rider is a unique and awe inspiring experience we want all our guests to experience on our ranch vacations in Montana. As they spent more and more time riding their horses these teenagers learned what it is to care for another creature and work with it to accomplish the tasks set before them

Once the Young Marines had spent a few days adjusting to riding and learning how to work in tandem with their horses we allowed them the opportunity to gallop their horse. Until this point each Young Marine had been riding at a steady walk. We wanted them to increase their riding skills by learning to control a horse at a faster pace. While they were nervous at first, each Young Marine successfully galloped their horse.

One other task these amazing young people completed while enjoying their week with us was fence building. Together the dug the holes, planted the posts and ran the barbed wire. As the spent time on this task they once again had the chance to learn team work. As post after post was put in they were able to view all they had accomplished and revel in a job well done.

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At Dryhead Ranch we value our young people and believe in rearing a responsible and hardworking generation. When the Young Marines undertake one of the most authentic ranch vacations Montana has to offer we are able to share with them our way of life and the reward of honest hard work. While we are teaching them we inevitably learn from them in return. Their positive attitudes and youthful spirits remind us of why we offer these ranch vacations in Montana. To join in the many adventures at Dryhead Ranch call or email us today.

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