Working Ranch Vacations

Working ranch vacations are a truly unique experience that we have perfected at Dryhead Ranch. Our vacation opportunities are seldom offered at any other cattle ranch vacation destinations. Unlike dude ranches, we allow our guests to work alongside and with us. You will not only become one of our team but experience modern day cowboy life. When you leave Dryhead Ranch you will not only have greatly increased you riding skills but have earned the title of honorary ranch hand.

Horse Lovers Dream Vacation at Dryhead Ranch

Dryhead ranch is the ideal vacation for horse lovers. We not only have our own herd of American Quarter Horses that we raise but most work completed on our ranch is done on horseback. When you come to Dryhead Ranch for a working cattle ranch vacation we will assign you a horse that you will ride for your entire stay with us. We will teach you to saddle and bridle your horse as well as how to properly ride in Western style. After a week with us you will have accomplished the equivalent of six months’ worth of riding lessons.

For our fellow horse lovers, you will be able to see countless horses of all ages, from colts to full grown adults. Many of our guests spend time teaching the halter breaking the yearlings. Teaching them to become comfortable with a halter as well as to be guided by it, this is a horse lovers dream. For more experienced riders we offer our horse drive vacations. Depending upon the time of year you join us your working ranch vacation may involve driving our horses between Dryhead Ranch and our farm in Lovell, Wyoming.

Working Ranch Vacation Inside Look

When you join us on a working cattle ranch vacation you are able to encounter Montana’s raw and rustic beauty.. As you drive cattle, work the fences, and attend to the tasks that allow a working ranch to function you are surrounded on all sides by nature at its finest. We often compare your working ranch vacation experience to hiking vs riding in a car. When you ride in a car you are able to view nature but at a distance. However, when you go on a hike you immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and have the chance to experience it up close and personal. While our guests enjoy their working ranch vacations they experience the rare beauty of Montana’s nature firsthand. For a sneak peek at the scenery you will encounter on your stay with us take a look at the gallery section of our website.

Schedule Your Working Ranch Vacation Today

At Dryhead Ranch we offer authentic working ranch vacations. As you join us each day you will encounter ranch life at its finest. We look forward to sharing modern day cowboy life with all who join us. Dryhead Ranch is a horse lover’s dream and an adventure everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. To schedule your working ranch vacations, call or email us at Dryhead Ranch today.

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