A Cattle Drive Holiday is an Unique Experience for Europeans

Do you want to enjoy a cattle drive vacation in the United States but want a truly unique and exhilarating experience? We have the answer to your vacation needs at Dryhead Ranch. We offer an opportunity to experience the life of a working cattle ranch on one of our cattle drive holidays. Join us as we drive cattle, horses and go about the daily routines of ranch life. Our ranch is unique in that we follow the American tradition of working our ranch on horseback. Our cattle and horse drives are done solely on horseback as well as the necessary maintenance needed to keep our ranch successful and fully functioning.

Real Cattle Drive – Real Experience

We proudly offer our guests the unique opportunity to take part in one of our cattle driving vacations. Join our cowboys and ranch hands as we move our cattle from Loveall, Wyoming to the grasslands of Dryhead Ranch. Similar to the times of the Old West you will be responsible for rounding up stray cattle and bringing them back to the herd. With your help our cowboys will begin the process of moving our cattle to fresh pastures at home on our ranch. Our cattle drive vacations are perfect for the beginner horseman as the pace is kept to a steady walk.

cattle-drives-montana-contact-usFor the more experienced riders we offer a place in our horse drives. Work alongside our cowboys to move our more than 120 head herd of American Quarter Horses to fresh pastures. Driving horses requires a livelier pace, we will go from walk to trot to canter as needed in order to keep the herd together and guide them to their intended destination. We gladly welcome your help driving our prized American Quarter Horses all the while introducing you to the beauty of the Montana countryside.

When you take part in one of our cattle drive holidays you will have the opportunity to share in the American West tradition of hard work and honest labor. Our working ranch is one of a kind as we seek to maintain long time tradition of tending our herds on horseback. Most ranches today have sought more modern forms of transportation and have lost the Old West spirit. At Dryhead Ranch, when you partake in one our real cattle drive vacations we welcome you as one of the family and will introduce you to all aspects of American working ranch life.

By signing up for one of our cattle drive holidays you will have the opportunity to experience the thrills of ranch life while partaking in the satisfaction of hard work. When staying at Dryhead Ranch you aren’t simply a guest, but a new member our family. As one of our family we will allow you to enter into any aspect of ranch life you desire. From daily tasks to driving horses and cattle we will gladly teach you the tricks of the trade and share in your successes.

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Live the traditions and values of the American West while working alongside the four generations of our family that run Dryhead Ranch. Schedule your cattle drive holiday today and prepare for the experience of a lifetime.

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