Working Ranch Vacation – Lovell Camper Park

In recent years, RV Touring has become one of the most popular forms of extended vacation, especially during cattle drive vacations. The beauty of the recreational vehicle, especially a well-appointed luxo-cruiser housing all the comforts of home, is its versatility. An RV can turn any environment into an instant homestead, complete with electricity and running water. Some naysayers accuse vehicular recreators of being soft; the vehicular recreators usually reply that they’re just being smart.

Cattle Drive Vacation Diversion: Lovell Camper Park

The best part of RV touring the country is the chance to live life at your own pace. In an RV, you have time to stop and settle in when that unforgettable moment arrives. Lovell, Wyoming is especially welcoming of our recreational vehicle vacationing friends.

So, say you are on your way through northern Wyoming, maybe on your way to Bighorn Lake. Now, let’s also say that you happened to be in the neighborhood for a horseback cattle drive adventure up into Montana, but you arrived a little early. I hope you drove your RV, and maybe something a little more maneuverable behind it, because the Lovell, Wyoming area is absolutely jam packed with hidden historical gems and majestic vistas.

At the Center of History

The Bighorn Basin and the surrounding Bighorn mountains played an outsized role in American history. Though Montana and Wyoming boast some of the lowest average population densities of any of the states, their unique geography and position on major overland routes from north to south and east to west meant that many famous faces and prominent bits of folklore originated here. Many old cowboy tales either begin, end, or wander through these sometimes harsh and often breathtakingly beautiful lands. If you find yourself caught up in a real life cowboy adventure yourself, booked to drive 250 head of cattle along the Sioux trail, you might want to park your RV for a week or so beforehand and explore the wild for a little while beforehand. It’s nice to get the lay of the land, especially if you can do it from a comfortable RV basecamp.

Forever Memories from a Timeless Place

Lovell Camper Park is a thoroughly Montana establishment. Nothing about it is particularly flashy; indeed, if you were driving along 2nd street and not looking for it, you probably miss it completely. For those lucky enough to discover it, however, the Lovell Camper Park proves itself to be a stout and sturdy example of its class, more than able to digest all your recreational vehicle detritus, as well as refill your water and give you a place to park for a reasonable rate. Now, this is not the Marriott at Lovell, nor is it even the Motel 8 at Lovell, but it is a grandly serviceable Camper Park, just like it claims to be. No guile or subterfuge here, nor really much more than the bare essentials; but the bare essentials work, and work well.

Working Ranch Vacation – RV Camper Park Lovell

Take some time. Settle down. Relax. On your RV vacation, you have the luxury of true leisure living couple with the adventure of roughing it. While you are out and about, be sure to stop in Lovell, Wyoming for a Dryhead Ranch cattle drive vacation.

If your RV grand tour could not be complete without a working ranch vacation, we suggest you give us a call here at Dryhead Ranch. Depending on the season, there are any number of exciting things happening. Give us a call about a working ranch vacation today!

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