Working Ranch Vacation – Bighorn Canyon/Devil’s Canyon Overlook

You will spend a lot of time in the Bighorn Canyon National Recreational area during your cattle drive vacation. We drive our cattle from Lovell, over the old Sioux trail, and into Dryhead Ranch. The ranch itself is located on the east ridge of the Pryor Mountains within the Bighorn National Recreation Area itself. But just because you will be on the historic Sioux trail, the same trail used by peoples in this region for 400 years or more, doesn’t mean you will see the best of the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area.

Unforgettable Working Ranch Vacation – Devil’s Canyon Overlook

The opportunities to explore the rugged landscapes of Wyoming and Montana are one of the best parts of cattle drive vacations. Whether you follow our experienced cowboys or strike out on your own, the Great American West offers a feast for the senses as long as you are willing to go out and look for it!

It seems to be unanimous: any trip to the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area is incomplete without a stop at Devil’s Canyon Overlook. This towering canyon wall cliff soars nearly 1,500 feet above the Bighorn River. From this height, the complex and beautiful geological history of Montana and Wyoming are clearly visible. Sedimentary rock, composed of tiny compressed particles of sand and other minerals form desert-rainbow bands of deep reds and chalky grays and browns. Even lower in the strata, one finds ancient metamorphic and igneous rock harkening back to the very beginnings of the planet. There are few things like starting down into a vast, spectacular canyon to really impress upon a person the scale of their existence. It comes highly recommended.

Wilderness Travels And Powerboat Battles

One of the beautiful things about Wyoming and Montana is that these are states that believe in freedom. This means that you have the freedom to traverse hundreds of thousands of acres of untouched wilderness on foot, all the while leaving no trace and practicing utter conscientiousness… and then go back to the lake in the afternoon and race powerboats. Mountain man Jim Bridger would likely approve. He discovered the canyon way back in 1825 while blasting down the then-wild Bighorn River on an apparently well-built log raft. Of course, the river is not nearly as wild as it used to be. The Yellowtail dam has seen to that. But, on the upside, it is much easier to powerboat on a reservoir.

Must See Wildlife

If you carry around a “Famous Fauna of the West” checklist around with you wherever you go, Bighorn Canyon is an excellent place to check some off. You will likely see jackrabbits an coyotes, and you may even see some of the rarer park denizens: mountain lions, mountain goats, and if you get close enough to Crow land, even a few bison. And, if you join us on a cattle drive vacation, we can pretty much guarantee you’ll see some cows too.

Working Ranch Vacation – How The West Was Wonderful

The fact that Lovell, Wyoming is not as famous as Amarillo, Texas or Monett, Missouri is a real shame. Surrounding by tens of thousands of square miles of wonder, Lovell also offers modern conveniences like movie theaters and a grocery store. When you are in Big Horn country, be sure to stop in and say hello. We always love having guests!

Lovell, Wyoming ought to be more famous than it is. Not only does Dryhead Ranch call Lovell home; Lovell is also surrounded on nearly every side by historic sites and pristine wildlands. It is also smack dab in the middle of cattle country, which makes it a natural place to start a working ranch vacation. Give us a call for more information.

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