Dude Ranch Vacation – Bighorn National Forest

Here at Dryhead Ranch, we don’t really care for the phrase “dude ranch.” We understand. That’s what some people might call a working ranch vacation. For us, it carries certain connotations having to do with kicking back with an umbrella drink while wearing a cowboy hat. At Dryhead Ranch, our cattle drive vacations are working ranch vacations: if you want a life of ease and leisure, hitting the trail with real cowboys and doing real cowboy work might not be what you’re looking for. Nonetheless, it is worth mentioning, you might find yourself with some time on your hands while you await your cattle drive. This time will be spend in Lovell, Wyoming, which just happens to be an area filled to the brim with exciting attractions. One of these attractions you shouldn’t miss is the Bighorn National Forest.

Dude Ranch Vacation? Maybe Not!

The best way to get in touch with the pristine Western wilderness is on horseback. During cattle drive vacations, our guests get ample opportunity to explore wherever their curiosity leads them.

We do recommend exploring Bighorn National Forest on your own while you’re in town. With around 1.1 million acres (1,731 square miles) of wilderness, 1,200 miles of trails, eight lodges, miles of streams, 10 picnic areas, and much more to encounter, Bighorn National Forest is an incredible treasure house of natural splendor. To give you a sense of just how big 1.1 Million acres is, it should be noted that Bighorn National Forest is larger than Rhode Island and only barely smaller than Delaware.

Bighorn National Forest History

Bighorn National Forest is one of the oldest protected wildlands in the country. The park has enjoyed protected status since it was created as a National Forest Reserve in 1897. Back then just as now, people who somehow found themselves in this remote part of the West could not help but be taken by the Bighorn National Forest’s incredible, rugged terrain and unique plant and animal life. Even though lesser known than larger parks like Yellowstone and Yosemite, Bighorn National Forest deserves a place on the top tier of American protected wildlands.

Untouched Wilderness

Within the greater Bighorn National Forest, you can find the Cloud Peak Wilderness. Created in 1984, the Cloud Peak Wilderness is comprised of around 189,000 of Wyoming’s wildest acres. The Cloud Peak Wilderness was named for Cloud Peak, the highest point in the Bighorn Mountains. Wyoming’s only glacier, the prosaically-named Cloud Peak Glacier, can also be found hiding in this specially-designated wilderness. No motor vehicles are allowed in the Cloud Peak Wilderness; if you plan on hiking here, realize you are making quite a commitment. Not that we don’t recommend it. There is nothing like a cattle drive vacation Wyoming grand tour. And, let’s face it, you’ll already be in Lovell for your working ranch (not so much “dude ranch”) vacation. When else are you ever going to be closer to one of the United States’ unsung national park gems?

A Dude Ranch Vacation? So Much More!

Leave the mundane behind! Our expert cowboys are eager to help our guests get the most of their cattle drive vacations. They know the lay of the land like no other and love to pass that knowledge on. We love the way our return guests begin to really pick up the trails and paths from year to year. Make cattle drive vacations an annual tradition at Dryhead Ranch!

Trust us. You want more than an umbrella drink and a cowboy hat. You want to wipe the dust off your jeans and the sweat off your brow at the end of your first successful cattle drive and know that this is the sort of thing that made America great. We know. We do it every year. Give us a call. We have a room and a wild time waiting for you.

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