Cattle Drive Vacations for Beginners

One of the questions we are often asked is if our cattle drive vacations are suited for beginners; the answer is a most certain yes. While we recommend spending time on a horse before coming to visit us we are beginner rider friendly. We recommend our cattle drive vacation versus our horse drive vacations. Driving horses requires a more experienced rider but the slow pace of our cattle is perfect for the novice rider. Jake, Trevor, Jesse and Mallory, our cowboys and cowgirls, will work alongside you and teach you the ins and outs of horse riding all the while allowing you to experience authentic working ranch life.

Preparing for Your Cattle Drive Experience

To start with Trevor and Mallory will pick a horse for you to ride for the duration of your stay with us. They will teach you to saddle and bridle your horse and adjust it for the best fit. This one horse will be the one you ride each day. You will have the wonderful chance to experience the bond between horse and rider as you work with us each day on horseback. While words can’t truly describe this bond, it is an encounter you’ll remember for a lifetime, one we want each one of our guests to experience.

Learn to Horseback Riding on the Trail

Once you have your horse properly saddled and bridled it’s time to ride. While you may have little to no experience this is not a problem at all. As you embark on your first horse ride Jake will spend time with you one on one to teach you the basics of riding. He will ensure that your stirrups are at the right length and that you and your horse are getting along well. As you ride Jake will also teach you how to guide your horse in the direction you need to go and how to properly use the reins. This is a learn as you go experience but we are with you every step of the way to ensure your success.

Always Ask Questions

One thing we want you to know from the start of your time with us is that there are no dumb questions. If you have a question about your horse, riding, or your working ranch vacations experience please ask. It’s better to ask and receive an answer than sit and wonder for the duration of your cattle drive vacation. We are here to guide and train you and want to answer each and every one of your questions. In the beginning of your week long stay with us you may be a beginner rider but at the end you will have experienced the equivalent of six months’ worth of riding lessons. You won’t be a novice rider when you leave after your cattle drive vacation.

Schedule Your Cattle Drive Vacation

At Dryhead Ranch we pride ourselves on providing authentic cattle drive vacations. Our family becomes yours as you work alongside us each day. Day in and day out you will experience the joys of ranch life alongside Jake, Trevor, Jesse and Mallory. We look forward to your vacation with us. Schedule your cattle drive vacation today and prepare for encounter of a lifetime.

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