Cattle Drive Vacations are Fun for the Whole Family

It’s a normal practice in public elementary schools everywhere to share what you did over your vacation. Whether it’s Spring, Summer, or Winter, one of the best parts of a child’s vacation is the story they bring back to tell their friends and classmates.

Millions of children go to Disneyland every year. Just as many hit the beach or go skiing. Many even travel to other countries. But how many of them travel to their own country? How many of them get the chance to experience a way of life that lives in Western movies and Country music, but is so much more than popular culture can even imagine? How many of them can say that they went on a state-spanning authentic cattle drive vacation in Montana, riding alongside seasoned professionals and lending a hand to an industry that feeds millions of Americans?

Everyone should understand where their food comes from, and everyone should understand the sort of people who make that food and get it where it needs to go. These are salt-of-the-earth people, rugged and adventurous, hard-working and good-hearted, just trying to make a living raising beef on the range in Montana. Sharing what they live on and live for has become a passion for the folks at Dryhead Ranch, and some of their favorite people to take out on a cattle drive are kids.

It’s easy to see why. First off, there are the animals. A cattle drive in Montana offers the chance to see not just horses and cows, but also all the native wildlife of the rangeland: Coyotes, lynxs, mule deer, even Moose… who knows what you might come across in the Western wilderness? Children will love passing the time on horseback, guiding cattle while trying to spot all sorts of other creatures.

Next, there’s the outdoors. What kid doesn’t like the outdoors? But this is the outdoors, cattle drive-style. Your trail boss has been doing this his whole life, and chances are any young inquisitive minds will pick up outdoor tips that will last a lifetime. Maybe, someday, they might even take their own kids on a cattle drive holiday.

And of course, there are the character building experiences. This is a working cattle drive vacation, after all. Children on the drive will get the chance to prove their worth to people who know what good is. They might even mess up and get to try again. One thing’s for sure: nobody comes back from a cattle drive the same.

Dryhead Ranch’s authentic cattle drive vacations move slow enough for even new riders to keep up, our expert staff is starting to get almost at good at teaching people of all ages how to herd cattle as they are at herding cattle, and our doors are always open. Contact us to find out more about how to book the best school vacation story ever.

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