Family Ranch Vacations

Are Montana ranch family cattle drive vacations a good fit for children? This is a question we are often asked at Dryhead Ranch. Our ranch vacations and cattle drive vacations are a perfect opportunity for families with children six and up to bond. Whether it be just a mother and daughter or the entire family we welcome guests of a variety of ages including children.

Our Family at Dryhead Ranch

Our head cowboy Jake and his wife Jessica have four children three of which frequently ride horses. At ages four, six and eight they are fully capable of riding a horse alongside us as we complete our daily tasks. We raise our children around horses and instill in them early how to care for and work safely around them. Our family is a family of ranchers and we have perfected the art of teaching our children safety around a horse them. This is not only our choice of how we make a living but our lifestyle. We take our children with us daily to work on the ranch and this helps them learn safety around a horse, on and off the ground.

Children at Dryhead Ranch

While we welcome kids six years and older it is important that parents consider whether or not their children like horses enough to ride every day for 5-6 hours. Our vacations are done on horseback and any children that join us need to have a love of horses. If a child is afraid of horses they simply aren’t going to enjoy their time with us. While we are a ranch full of exciting experiences fun for all ages most of these are on horseback. A child afraid of horses will have little to do on the ranch. We recommend that any parents desiring to bring along a young child expose them to horses before joining us. See how they interact with a horse and determine their comfortability level around it. If they show a genuine interest and lack of fear our Montana ranch family vacations may be the perfect fit for your youngster.

A Bonding Experience for the Family

While these vacations are great for the whole family we find that our guests often come in mother daughter duos or father son. Our Montana ranch family vacations offer a perfect opportunity for mothers and fathers, even grandparents to bond with the young people in their lives. As they work with each other to accomplish tasks the bond between these family members has a chance to grow. Cattle drives and ranch weeks are the perfect vacation opportunities for the horse loving children in your life. Horse drives require faster pace riding and are not the best fit for a child but are perfect for experienced adolescents, teenagers and adults alike.

Schedule Your Ranch Vacation Today

At Dryhead Ranch we value the bond of family. Our family has been brought together by the work we do on our Ranch and through our Montana ranch family vacations that we offer that to all who wish to join us. Whether it be horse drives, cattle drives, or ranch weeks we have a variety of opportunities for families to grow together while experiencing authentic ranch life. Whether you bring the whole family or just one other loved one, Dryhead Ranch is a great vacation destination for the horse lovers in your life. Call Dryhead Ranch today and schedule your Montana ranch family vacation. 

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