Cattle Drive Vacation – Calving Season

Just like it has been since the dawn of the Western cattle industry in the early 19th century, Spring marks the beginning of calving season at Dryhead Ranch. Calving season is a wonderful time to take cattle drive vacations, as the miracle of new life bursts forth all around you and staff gets ready for the first cattle drives of the year. Anyone looking to embark on a genuine cattle ranch adventure should seriously consider visiting Dryhead Ranch during the Spring calving season. Few experiences offer the real nitty-gritty texture of a calving season vacation on a genuine Wyoming cattle ranch, and few times are better than calving season to experience the frenetic pace and gratifying exertion of a real working cattle ranch.

Bringing New Life Into The World – Cowboy Style

Preparing for a ranch week vacation at Dryhead Ranch means preparring for adventure. Strap on your chaps and get ready to ride. During calving season, you will get to witness the miracle of new life. Prepare to be amazed by the toughness of our cows and the precociousness of their newborn calves!

Cattle ranches exist to produce beef, and the only place we have found yet that produces delicious grass-fed American beef is other cows. That’s why the working cattle ranch schedule revolves around the Spring calving season. What could be more important to the continued operation of a genuine Western cowboy cattle ranch than the propagation of their stock? The answer is obvious, which explains the obsessive effort that goes into each and every calving season.

Expect the Impossible; Plan for the Unthinkable

To those of us who do not work on an authentic cattle ranch, the sheer number of provisions on hand to guarantee the successful birth and post-natal care of calves on hand at all times can be a little head-spinning. First and foremost, there are the long gloves. These gloves reach the shoulder and are used for birth help. If you cannot imagine what that means, it’s probably best that you don’t. If even more “birth help” is needed, the prepared rancher has a “calf puller” on hand. The calf-puller attaches to an intractable calf at the legs and is used to pull the calf free of the mother in cases of difficult birth.

The Calf Is Out… Now What?

A calf emerges from its mother wet and hungry and in a sort of suspended animation. In most cases, the loving licks of the cow mother’s big raspy tongue serve both to clean and invigorate the calf, stirring it to wakefulness. Sometimes, however, something goes wrong. The mother cow may not understand how to clean its calf, the calf may suffer from respiratory problems, or the often-intense calving season cold may complicate the birth process. In some cases, the rancher must feed the calf by hand with a giant bottle, or else place it a small stall with its mother until the pair bond.

Unbelievable Calving Season Adventure!

Spring is a great time to get out to Dryhead Ranch. As winter begins to lose its frosty grip on our valleys and canyons, bright green grass and colorful wildflowers race to take advantage before the heat of summer sets in. The air is fresh and clean, and the mornings are still refreshingly crisp. Don’t miss this special time of year at Dryhead Ranch.

If you and your family are fascinated by the idea of calving season, it is time to call Dryhead Ranch. Dryhead Ranch is gearing up for calving season right now. If you want to come lend a hand during the most important time in the life cycle of a working ranch, give Dryhead Ranch a call today. Space is limited!

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