An Overview of Your Cattle Drive Vacation at Dryhead Ranch

While enjoying one of our cattle drive vacations there are many ranch activities you will be able to take part in. Every cattle drive holiday experience will be different. Depending upon the time of year you come for your working cattle drive vacation you will have the opportunity to share is many activities that are necessary to the function of the ranch. The schedule of the working ranch is heavily dependent upon the weather and needs of the cattle and horses. We may plan on completing a schedule of tasks on one specific day to change plans that morning because it is either too hot or too cold or other work needs our focus that day.   Many activities we share with our guests are seasonal such as branding, weaning calves, putting together mare bands so all activities cannot be offered in any given week. Calling the ranch office is a great way to get additional information so that choosing the activities you would like to experience can be achieved. The type of cattle drive vacation you sign up for may be dependent upon your level of experience on a horse.

Enjoy a Real Cattle Drive for Any Level of Experience

montana-cattle-drives-blog-09Our cattle drive holidays are designed for all levels of riding experience. While on horse-back you will be able to drive the cattle from Lovell, Wyoming into the grasslands of Dryhead ranch. Enjoy the authentic cowboy experience as you move cattle on this working cattle drive. You will work alongside our ranch hands as you guide the cattle to their summer home on Dryhead Ranch where they will feed on the native grass. You will become a necessary part of our team as you safely guide our cattle to their destination. The bond you will experience with your horse as you two work as a team is indescribable and a must have experience. The walking pace of these cattle drive vacations is perfect for the beginner horseman or for the experienced rider.  Jake, our head cowboy, places an experienced rider in positions that challenge them when we need help getting out ahead to move neighbors cattle out of our path.  Whether you’ve grown up on a horse or are riding for your first time our working cattle drives are ideal for all riding experience levels.

Our horse drives will require a greater level of experience than our cattle drive holidays. For those with more experience riding horses you will have the unique opportunity to drive our herd of American Quarter Horses to or from summer pastures. Some extended cantering is done to control the herd but much walking is required as we cover 50 miles of country to get to the ranch; hence the greater level of experience needed. Our American Quarter Horses travel at a varied pace than our cattle and are much livelier. The lead may go great distances at a canter as you seek to keep the herd together and moving in the right direction, but the back of the herd is slower and more steady. We offer mini horse drives in the summer months when the horses need to change pastures or come to headquarters for sorting and training.  This is a good time to get experience in moving horses shorter distances.

Spring Time Cattle Drive Vacations

montana-cattle-drives-01In the spring you can have the opportunity to experience branding weeks. We gather our cows and calves  together and work as a team to brand each calf. Our Dryhead brand, )S(, is necessary to prove ownership and make it easy to recognize which ranch the cow  belong to. Branding is a social event where cowboys from the surrounding ranches get together to brand, vaccinate and castrate our calves. Should you be there for this event you will have the opportunity to work alongside our skilled ranch hands and neighbors as we brand the young in our herd. You will play a vital role as you assist in these essential tasks.

Our cattle drive vacations and horse drive vacations are our most popular experiences that we offer on Dryhead Ranch. As you work with us you will become not only an essential member of our team but a part of our family. We are honored to share with you the tradition of a working ranch. Our family has been in this business for four generations and takes pride in sharing it with our guests turned family members. Call Dryhead Ranch today and schedule your cattle drive holiday.

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