Best Summer Vacation Ideas: Cattle Ranch Vacations

Not Just Another Family Vacation

Sometimes, it can be hard coming up with the best summer vacation ideas. That is, unless you have never thought of cattle drive vacations! Summer vacations for the whole family can be boring.Who wants to go to another amusement park? Road trips used to be a big deal, but it seems with traffic and the cost of fuel these days they are becoming a thing of the past. Anyone who has ever tried to take their children on a cruise (and maybe even you yourself!) knows how that usually goes. So what kind of summer vacation ideas take everything great about a vacation and combine them with memorable family fun? Why not try out one of Dryhead Ranch’s exciting cattle drive vacations?

What Kind Of Cattle Drive Happens During the Summertime?

On a Ranch Week at Dryhead, you and your family will get a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with life at a real working ranch. The Great American West is waiting for you and your family, Don’t forget: ranch weeks fill up fast. Call us today to book your Dryhead Ranch Week family vacation today.

Well, we will admit: Summer is not typically cattle drive season. However, it is typically the season where we take horses just old enough to ride out on their first range excursions. Is there some parallel here between you and your own children? Well, it’s hard to know without trying it out. The fact is, people often make a big deal about the long and wonderful cattle drives that happen during other parts of the year. For a family looking for the best family summer vacation ideas, however, a summer ranch week at Dryhead Ranch might actually make more sense.

Relaxed and Beautiful: Southern Montana in the Full Flower of Summer

It’s hard to say that a ranch week at Dryhead is the best family vacation idea with total certainty, but we will say this: we sure do like to work hard and we also like to play hard. Come out to the house and stay a while. We’d love to have you!

The West offers a different kind of Summer experience than the east does, and Montana is no exception. During your ranch week summer vacation at Dryhead, you will experience all the life of a working ranch has to offer. The grub is pretty good, the horses are nice, the cattle is generally cooperative, and the weather cannot be beat. Yes, this is all personal opinion, but the question is this: would you rather take your family on a predictable hotel vacation or summer vacation camping trip, or would you like to let them experience a completely unique cattle drive vacation at Dryhead Ranch? You are guaranteed to see more of the Big Sky then you ever thought possible, along with a menagerie of wild critters who still call this place home. Take home a working ranch vacation experience that you and your family will cherish for years to come.

Summer Vacation Ideas That Can’t Be Beat

It’s time to start planning for your summer vacation adventure. Do not wait to inquire about a ranch week at Dryhead. This is your chance to bring your family into a world out of time, where things move a little slower and more deliberately. Put those cellphones away and take a walk! Ride a horse! Do hard work, get tuckered out, fill up on some great food, and feel awesome. All these things and more await your during your summer vacation ranch week at Dryhead. Give us a call today to book your reservation. Ranch week spots can fill up fast!

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